PHP Development on Windows

Being a Windows user, during many years of PHP development,  I’ve evaluated various versions of WAMP and XAMPP packages, tried to manually setup Apache and MySQL, and I must say that I’ve had some success there. Finally – I have the statement of the best platform ever. It is LAMP.

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Rule #1 for programmers

I’ve always said that number one rule for a programmer is:

Never put a coffee cup between mouse and keyboard.

Now I have a picture that tells even more…Never put coffee in dangerous places

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PHP dies silently

Just a quick self-reminder that could be interesting.

I’m pretty much used to seeing a Fatal error when a time or memory limit is reached in PHP scripts (Apache environment). However, in a highly important script, PHP script was persistent in stopping the execution without notice.

I still cannot tell why that happened, but after some poking, I finally got the Fatal error saying that time limit has been reached.

I don’t feel like going any further after all time spent on the issue. I’ll remember to check time and memory limits for resource demanding scripts.

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Drupal Views 2

OK, Drupal Views 2 is great stuff, but sometimes, it just makes my day 🙂

Drupal Views 2 in action

Drupal Views 2 in action

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Drupal views_datasource setup

Just a quick and useful one.

What sounded like an useful module took like hours to figure out.

Obviously, the latest release doesn’t work, while after a bit of searching I finally stumbled upon:

Now I can continue.

Have a nice day.

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Automatic Home&Office Backup Solution

Here’s an example how one can easily setup home or office backup solution using free software and Windows features.

You’ll need the following:

  1. Microsoft SyncToy available here
  2. Access to Windows Scheduled Tasks
  3. A backup drive (external or internal, but it’s essential to be a different drive, not just another partition on the drive that’s being backed up. In case of drive failure, backup on another partition won’t help.

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Laptop buying advise

Ocassionally I’m recommended as “the guy who knows computers” to help friend-of-a-friend computer newbies make a right choice when shopping for a computer. Usually my job here is to make sure that they don’t be too thrifty for RAM, or don’t spend too much on processor or graphics if it’s an office/internet machine.

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Tweet, tweet

I’m not planning to write about I’m still not aware of its full potential or how to release it. However, I find it cool to be able to post a text on this blog, and the tweet hits the air automatically.

Try this cool integration yourself at

Honestly, I wrote this one, just to make sure it works. I promise I’ll post any news either good or bad.

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So, I’m finally starting to blog. I hope to come back here someday and find things I failed to remember. Hopefully the topics will include software development, outsourcing, project management, free software reviews, and who knows what else – as much as I find time to write. And I’ll do my best.

Strange enough, I just found that google visited my apache directory index today, so now that this is online, I’m feeling the urge to write anything just to give the bot something next time he drops by.

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