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MAMP apache freezing

I’ve switched to MacBook Pro Retina in November after repeating frustrations with different WiFi adapters in an HP ProBook 450 G1 on Ubuntu. I always read that MAMP/WAMP/XAMP is for ‘less experienced’ developers, while native installation (via homebrew on Mac) … Continue reading

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Launching 57%: waiting for XDebug session

This time, both browser and eclipse are stuck, and Eclipse freezes at “Launching [project]” 57% (in this case), with details saying “Launching: waiting for XDebug session”.

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Unexpected termination of script. Debugging ended.

This rather comprehensive error message comes from eclipse when a breakpoint is hit while debugging with XDebug web script on a remote server. It is not that bad as it seems – all I needed to do is remove (watch) … Continue reading

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Fatal error: call to undefined function imagefilter()

This and a number of other gd functions are not available by default in Ubuntu Server LAMP setup. Not trivial, but a valid solution can be found here: http://cumu.li/2008/5/13/recompiling-php5-with-bundled-support-for-gd-on-ubuntu

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PHP Development on Windows

Being a Windows user, during many years of PHP development,  I’ve evaluated various versions of WAMP and XAMPP packages, tried to manually setup Apache and MySQL, and I must say that I’ve had some success there. Finally – I have … Continue reading

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PHP dies silently

Just a quick self-reminder that could be interesting. I’m pretty much used to seeing a Fatal error when a time or memory limit is reached in PHP scripts (Apache environment). However, in a highly important script, PHP script was persistent … Continue reading

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