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Heartbleed OpenSSL bug and how to protect against it

The heartbleed bug was introduced in OpenSSL 1.0.1 and is present in 1.0.1 1.0.1a 1.0.1b 1.0.1c 1.0.1d 1.0.1e 1.0.1f The bug is not present in 1.0.1g, nor is it present in the 1.0.0 branch nor the 0.9.8 branch of OpenSSL … Continue reading

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How to disable automatic upgrades on Ubuntu server?

One of the common arguments against using open source software in production is that it’s always changing, and you never know when an upgrade will break some feature or dependency. Despite the fact that Ubuntu people are trying to keep … Continue reading

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Redmine Email Notifications on Ubuntu 10.04 Server

Redmine is so cool  issue tracker, that I’ve had to give it a shot. Unfortunately, even on ubuntu server, where apt-get is supposed to make life easy, it’s by no means trivial to setup. I’d like to give a suggestion … Continue reading

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Gedit adding newline at the end of file

Recently I’ve been checking out PHP sources of a friend’s web application. I’ve decided to use Gedit, as we needed a quick solution and eclipse was not in place (yet). We’ve managed to setup file permissions and database pretty fast and … Continue reading

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Fatal error: call to undefined function imagefilter()

This and a number of other gd functions are not available by default in Ubuntu Server LAMP setup. Not trivial, but a valid solution can be found here: http://cumu.li/2008/5/13/recompiling-php5-with-bundled-support-for-gd-on-ubuntu

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