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expert – a person who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing (given up searching for the source)

The author of this blog is a gifted person, wannabe expert (good thing about the guy from the definition is that “until” part happens in the infinity) in anything at all. Thankfully – never realized the chance to seriously focus on that anything.

Now he’s willing to try and share thoughts and experiences from diverse areas of non-expertise, having in mind the real-world stuff that really needs to be done in an expert way.

Btw, if you are still reading this, and you are not able/willing to make an attractive job offer to the author, the advice is to go out and have some fun instead.

The domain name agilepman (agile project product manager) comes from the fact that the author grew to know less and less about more and more things to the point where he was about to become a manager. Yes, the guy that looks after a Gantt chart making sure that numbers fit all the time. Somehow, it never happened, despite author’s determination. Thankfully there is still a valid goal, and a promising one: become a Generalizing Specialist – a guy that everyone agile (& sane) would love to have aboard!

However, agile project manager sounds so oxymoronic. Agile team is responsible for project management (The Role of Agile Project Manager), but even though a scrum master is supposed to be a bit more committed, she still cannot be fully blamed or awarded for the project outcome.

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