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Viber hide messages

Okay, this is not a usual post here. However, I feel it should be saved for other people… I’ve recently been playing with Hide conversation feature on Viber. First, it was hidden, but not in a way that you can … Continue reading

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How to disable automatic upgrades on Ubuntu server?

One of the common arguments against using open source software in production is that it’s always changing, and you never know when an upgrade will break some feature or dependency. Despite the fact that Ubuntu people are trying to keep … Continue reading

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Command line registry permissions

Yesterday I’ve done a small change in a deployment script that was supposed to “only” allow write permissions to a registry key values.  I’ve had little luck with regini.exe and cacls.exe, so I’ve quickly found a free replacement – setacl.exe. … Continue reading

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Gedit adding newline at the end of file

Recently I’ve been checking out PHP sources of a friend’s web application. I’ve decided to use Gedit, as we needed a quick solution and eclipse was not in place (yet). We’ve managed to setup file permissions and database pretty fast and … Continue reading

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PHP Development on Windows

Being a Windows user, during many years of PHP development,  I’ve evaluated various versions of WAMP and XAMPP packages, tried to manually setup Apache and MySQL, and I must say that I’ve had some success there. Finally – I have … Continue reading

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Drupal views_datasource setup

Just a quick and useful one. What sounded like an useful module took like hours to figure out. Obviously, the latest release doesn’t work, while after a bit of searching I finally stumbled upon: Now I can continue. … Continue reading

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Automatic Home&Office Backup Solution

Here’s an example how one can easily setup home or office backup solution using free software and Windows features. You’ll need the following: Microsoft SyncToy available here Access to Windows Scheduled Tasks A backup drive (external or internal, but it’s … Continue reading

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