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Okay, this is not a usual post here. However, I feel it should be saved for other people…

I’ve recently been playing with Hide conversation feature on Viber. First, it was hidden, but not in a way that you can find it. It’s hidden – for real. In order to see it – you have to search for the PIN entered when hiding – and it’s a mobile-only feature.

Okay, got that. Then I wanted to store the conversation somewhere I can access it. And I tried to find a way to export, download, copy/paste, only to find that all I can do is backup.

So, I’ve had to go back to Desktop app and actually copy/paste my conversation. But, guess what! I wasn’t able to see it ever again. First, I’ve performed the unhide operation on mobile device. That went well. But it never synced back to Desktop app. Tried reinstalling the application, but the data (missing my unhidden conversation) was till there.

The only solution I’ve found was to Deactivate Viber on Desktop (Preferences/Privacy and Security), and re-connect my account to Desktop. That triggered Sync with mobile device, so I have my conversation again.

Hope that helps.

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