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Viber hide messages

Okay, this is not a usual post here. However, I feel it should be saved for other people… I’ve recently been playing with Hide conversation feature on Viber. First, it was hidden, but not in a way that you can … Continue reading

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Code Formatting

Looking into Dart programming language, and I just want to record some of my thoughts. Dart language comes with dartfmt tool that does not bug you about any incompliances you’ve committed. No – it will fix them for you. When … Continue reading

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MAMP apache freezing

I’ve switched to MacBook Pro Retina in November after repeating frustrations with different WiFi adapters in an HP ProBook 450 G1 on Ubuntu. I always read that MAMP/WAMP/XAMP is for ‘less experienced’ developers, while native installation (via homebrew on Mac) … Continue reading

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Git – setup tracking properly

OK, there are a number of ways to setup tracking remote branches with git. We need that so we can use push and pull commands without long explaining what to push/pull where… I’d say that normally all we mortals need … Continue reading

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Things that Meld doesn’t do

I took a minute to see if there is a viable Linux alternative to WinDiff. Surprisingly, the search results have shown that WinDiff 3 will have its Linux version, being built on Qt. Also, Meld is repeatedly quoted to outsmart … Continue reading

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Digitalocean review

Being a web developer with clear lamp preference, I believe it was a trivial task for ad servers to target ads at me. Those ads are just all over the net. In my gmail, on my basecamp account, my facebook … Continue reading

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NHibernate: undefined alias or unknown mapping

I must note that I’ve wasted considerable amount of time on this error message. When copy/pasting, I’ve failed to close a bracket in a HQL query, and even more – the bad expression exceeded the screen space and without an … Continue reading

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Git – how to remove remote branch

Seemingly obvious action got me more than once. git push origin :branchname is the way to go. Of course, I’ve expected something like: git branch -d origin/branchname but it wouldn’t work.

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Redmine Email Notifications on Ubuntu 10.04 Server

Redmine is so cool  issue tracker, that I’ve had to give it a shot. Unfortunately, even on ubuntu server, where apt-get is supposed to make life easy, it’s by no means trivial to setup. I’d like to give a suggestion … Continue reading

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Dangerous Help

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