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Poor sound from headphones on hp dock

Just a quick one on hardware. I got a super-cool EliteBook 8570p i7/SSD at work… I normally take it home in the evening, so I really prefer to keep the headphones @work attached to the dock. I was so disappointed to … Continue reading

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Digitalocean review

Being a web developer with clear lamp preference, I believe it was a trivial task for ad servers to target ads at me. Those ads are just all over the net. In my gmail, on my basecamp account, my facebook … Continue reading

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Pushing Virtualization to the Limits

We have a Windows Server 2008 r2 with Hyper-V on a true server hardware and dozens of VMs on it. I’ve setup an Ubuntu x64 machine on my computer and wanted to consolidate by moving it to the server. Export/import … Continue reading

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Testing web pages in different IE versions

When you think you are done with the development, you are at the beginning of resolving cross-IE compatibility issues. At least as a beginner every one of us have gone through this phase. The world is offering IE Collection, IETester, … Continue reading

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Laptop buying advise

Ocassionally I’m recommended as “the guy who knows computers” to help friend-of-a-friend computer newbies make a right choice when shopping for a computer. Usually my job here is to make sure that they don’t be too thrifty for RAM, or … Continue reading

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