Team Foundation Server 2010 Setup

Don’t try this at home, OK?

I wanted to try out less than Basic TFS setup. I only wanted source control part to start with. I took the following:

  • Existing AD Domain
  • Domain user on local machine with VS 2010 ready
  • Remote virtual Windows Server 2008 R2 created by merging Hyper-V template
  • TFS 2010 Installation Disc

First step was installation, and there is not much to say about it – just use minimum set of features, but then comes the hard part – configuration.

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TFS 2010 on cloned 2008 R2 server in AD domain

For a while I was blaming bad documentation for a number of days spent figuring out what’s wrong, but I finally realized that my case is rather specific.
Here are some of requirements that took a while to figure out:
  • SQL Server Express Edition must be 2008.
  • At some point, domain authentication won’t work if machine uses cloned/duplicate SID.
  • Use sysprep /generalize on a clean machine to change SID .
  • Do not use NewSID 4.10. It results in BSOD.
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Hyper-V can’t connect to a machine

I’m normally using remote desktop to access my Hyper-V server. Btw, I also use remote desktop to access virtual machines hosted on Hyper-V. So, today I was trying to connect to a virtual machine from Server Manager, and nothing happened. Google search? No luck. It took me a while to figure out that machine (console) has already been connected from another remote desktop Server Manager session. Strange dependency, terrible feedback. As expected.

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String replace in Javascript

Taking a note:

Javascript String.replace([pattern], [replacement]) method replaces only first occurence of the matched pattern. To replace all occurences, you’ll need a “global” flag:

var str = "ABCDEFGHABCD"; //some string
alert(str.replace(/A/g), "I"); //replacing each appearance
                               //of A with an I
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Testing web pages in different IE versions

When you think you are done with the development, you are at the beginning of resolving cross-IE compatibility issues. At least as a beginner every one of us have gone through this phase. The world is offering IE Collection, IETester, Multiple IEs…

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HTML5 video tag not working in Safari on Windows

Solution: In order for video tag to work in Safari on Windows, it is required to have the Apple QuickTime installed too. Period.

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Launching 57%: waiting for XDebug session

This time, both browser and eclipse are stuck, and Eclipse freezes at “Launching [project]” 57% (in this case), with details saying “Launching: waiting for XDebug session”.

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Unexpected termination of script. Debugging ended.

This rather comprehensive error message comes from eclipse when a breakpoint is hit while debugging with XDebug web script on a remote server.

It is not that bad as it seems – all I needed to do is remove (watch) Expressions from the list. I don’t really care about the reason this happens – good thing is that it just helps.

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An Open Letter to Quality Assurance People

Dear Quality Assurance people,

I’m very fond of tools you are using, but please take a minute to read the following lines.

Screenshot is a great tool to prove that you really can see the bug, but it only helps in situation where we don’t understand what’s wrong.

Could you please provide the bug evidence in the following order:

  1. Address (URL) of the page that displays the bug – it is only 1 cut and paste for you, and it saves us frustration of repetitive questions: “On what page does it happen”. We’d rather just click.
  2. Describe what did you do on the page to make the bug happen if it’s not visible immediately.
  3. If 1. and 2. are not enough, I’d be happy to ask: “What do you mean, the address is not visible?”.
  4. In case of 3. provide screenshot (optionally with freehand arrows or so to indicate the problem).
  5. If you feel you’d rather provide a screenshot in the first place, please don’t forget 1. and 2.

If you catch yourself grabbing the screenshot tool to prove that you’ve seen it, don’t forget to also think about “What can I do to help other people see the bug?” Once I can see the bug, I’ll start fixing it sooner, and that’ll be a common success.

Thanks in advance.

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Fatal error: call to undefined function imagefilter()

This and a number of other gd functions are not available by default in Ubuntu Server LAMP setup. Not trivial, but a valid solution can be found here: Continue reading

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