Command line registry permissions

Yesterday I’ve done a small change in a deployment script that was supposed to “only” allow write permissions to a registry key values.  I’ve had little luck with regini.exe and cacls.exe, so I’ve quickly found a free replacement – setacl.exe. If you need to quickly do something with it – forget the docs – go straight to examples.

However, one thing got me even more – when dealing with windows security trying to support different languages, you’d better know about this (list): Well-known security identifiers in Windows operating systems.

You don’t want to rely on yourself remembering how administrator username is spelled in Spanish or French (or even care about that), do you?

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{“There is an error in XML document (2, 2).”}

An extremely undescriptive error message took hours of my valuable time. Of course, we are talking about XmlSerializer trying to parse an XML file. What actually happened was that an inherited piece of code caught and ignored this error, while I’ve configured my Visual Studio to break on System exceptions, so it appeared to be a cause of another error!

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Git – how to remove remote branch

Seemingly obvious action got me more than once.
git push origin :branchname
is the way to go.

Of course, I’ve expected something like:
git branch -d origin/branchname
but it wouldn’t work.

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Redmine Email Notifications on Ubuntu 10.04 Server

Redmine is so cool  issue tracker, that I’ve had to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, even on ubuntu server, where apt-get is supposed to make life easy, it’s by no means trivial to setup.

I’d like to give a suggestion on how to make email notifications work.

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Dangerous Help

This tool is running with elevated privileges. Navigating to the help content in this situation might constitute a security risk. Run the tool without elevated privileges to reach the help content.

Dangerous Help

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How to turn on IIS logging in Windows 7?

OK, this was not intuitive at all. I can quickly find page like this:

And there is nothing linked to it that would give me an idea why I can’t find Logging feature in the place I’m supposed to activate it.

However, “feature” was the keyword. Great puzzle, Microsoft!

You need to go to “Turn Windows features on or off”, then navigate to Internet “Information Services/World Wide Web Services/Health and Diagnostics” and finally you can turn any logging you wish.

No, that’s not all. A good old computer restart had to be done as well.

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NHibernate “Could not find the dialect in the configuration” “Could not compile the mapping document”

These are the show-stoppers for me for quite a while. I was using the example from the book trying to replace App.config (in my case Web.config) with hibernate.cfg.xml so I can have different configuration in a test project, but these two guys kept showing up.

The “dialect thing” actually tells us that hibernate.cfg.xml has not been processed at all, and it probably also made interpretation of the mapping file impossible as well.

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Gedit adding newline at the end of file

Recently I’ve been checking out PHP sources of a friend’s web application. I’ve decided to use Gedit, as we needed a quick solution and eclipse was not in place (yet). We’ve managed to setup file permissions and database pretty fast and finally – we got the application working, but no script-generated images were showing.

Interesting enough – downloaded image files appeared to have normal sizes (and different ones, too), but browser couldn’t display them. Neither could any of  imaging software available.

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Simple Web Business

As a person coming from technical background, I’m always tempted to fantasize about exciting technical solutions on the web that make big commercial wins. Most people around me do. Of course, there is a number of web & IT businesses that started in a garage (sounds familiar, huh?) and reached sky heights, but most of the mortals should probably go for something much simpler.

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Pushing Virtualization to the Limits

We have a Windows Server 2008 r2 with Hyper-V on a true server hardware and dozens of VMs on it. I’ve setup an Ubuntu x64 machine on my computer and wanted to consolidate by moving it to the server. Export/import went fine, but it booted into a black screen with a cursor in upper left corner.

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