An Open Letter to Quality Assurance People

Dear Quality Assurance people,

I’m very fond of tools you are using, but please take a minute to read the following lines.

Screenshot is a great tool to prove that you really can see the bug, but it only helps in situation where we don’t understand what’s wrong.

Could you please provide the bug evidence in the following order:

  1. Address (URL) of the page that displays the bug – it is only 1 cut and paste for you, and it saves us frustration of repetitive questions: “On what page does it happen”. We’d rather just click.
  2. Describe what did you do on the page to make the bug happen if it’s not visible immediately.
  3. If 1. and 2. are not enough, I’d be happy to ask: “What do you mean, the address is not visible?”.
  4. In case of 3. provide screenshot (optionally with freehand arrows or so to indicate the problem).
  5. If you feel you’d rather provide a screenshot in the first place, please don’t forget 1. and 2.

If you catch yourself grabbing the screenshot tool to prove that you’ve seen it, don’t forget to also think about “What can I do to help other people see the bug?” Once I can see the bug, I’ll start fixing it sooner, and that’ll be a common success.

Thanks in advance.

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