Tweet, tweet

I’m not planning to write about I’m still not aware of its full potential or how to release it. However, I find it cool to be able to post a text on this blog, and the tweet hits the air automatically.

Try this cool integration yourself at

Honestly, I wrote this one, just to make sure it works. I promise I’ll post any news either good or bad.

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  1. v. says:

    EDIT: Well, of course it works. Just 3 easy steps.
    # Login using Open id. I used my google account.
    # Provide twitter login params so twiterfeed is able to post tweets.
    # Provide feed url where the posts will come from.

    That’s it. There are also some nice features – prefix (I use it to label the tweet naming the source), option to shorten the blog post link using tinyyrl and polling interval (how often twitterfeed will check for new posts).

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